How Top SEO’s Can Afford Luxury Apartments in New York City

Being able to afford a luxury apartment in NYC, one of the greatest and most expensive cities on the planet is not an easy task. It’s typically reserved for the rich and wealthy. Even so-called affordable luxury apartments are way out of the price range for the common man. Although there are many professions that offer the room for growth to allow someone to afford to live in one of these luxury apartments, since this site is about SEO, we’re going to be talking about this fairly new profession that is offering such a tremendous opportunity for growth.

SEO or search engine optimization is a bit of a mystery for most people. People know Google. They know when they search something, results come up to choose from. But how those results get there, is usually not questioned by the common visitor. If you really had to ask them they might say something along the lines of it being magic or just something that Google puts there.

If they assume it’s something that Google puts there, they would be correct as you might know. Google’s algorithm decides what sites get placed on page 1 of their organic listings and what sites don’t.

To the savvy business man, it might quickly become apparent how an SEO professional can afford such a high end living when they recognize the value that it brings.

In a very competitive world, people and companies need to find an edge over their competition. When it comes to utilizing the billions of people using Google search, it’s pretty clear that being found on page 1 puts you at a massive advantage over the competition. Whenever there is something that can help you get a massive advantage in business, that thing becomes very valuable. People will pay hand over foot to get that advantage.

This is how SEO’s can afford this lifestyle. Since SEO is a patient long term game, true professionals can handle multiple clients who will pay them thousands of dollars a month to get their site the exposure those clients want. So if you’re handling 5 clients at $3,000 a month, that’s $15,000 dollars a month or $180,000 a year. That’s a very handsome income and can give you the ability to afford an apartment costing three to five grand a month. This page should helpĀ, it shows a bunch of other things reserved for the high-income individual.

Obviously, SEO isn’t the only profession that allows this type of lifestyle. There are definitely others, although it is a minority of people who fit into this category. One might say you should be making at least $20,000 a month if you’re going to be spending $5,000 a month on rent, and that is definitely a strong case. If you happen to fall into this category of people who can afford these apartments, or just want to see what kind of apartments you can get with that income, check out this page on that I mentioned earlier. Some of these places are going to blow your mind!